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Welcome to Tennies for Tots

Tennies for Tots' Mission is to provide New Shoes and Socks to Children living at or below the federal poverty level; allowing them to grow and live with dignity and faith in humanity.

A Vision to help encourage generations of children to continue to pay it forward by helping others in need.

Our story started in 2015 as a community outreach program through the Good Samaritan Society serving 150 children.  We have grown as a 501(c)3 to provide shoes, socks, back packs and children's books to over 3000 (and growing) children in need.

Head Start Centers from Prescott to many locations throughout Northern and Central Arizona and into the White Mountains.  Boys and Girls Clubs, women's shelters and many more receive our services to children in need creating Many Happy Little FeetSee About page for more information. Also see the About page for newspaper articles on Tennies for Tots. 

The Challenge  for us has always been support in the form of donations and other ways to keep up with the expanding demand to give tots tennies.  We help children who show up to school without good tennies or even none at all. Use PayPal to donate. Contact Us about helping 

Your Impact when assisting with our mission helps us continue to keep up with current and future demand to put tennies on the children needing tennies and socks in Northern Arizona.  

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